Technical Table of Contents

1. Nimbus Models

Nimbus 'C' Models - Where things are
Nimbus 'C' Models - The Bumblebees
Timeline of model variants
Nimbus Colour Chart

2. Model Dating & Identification

Frame and engine numbers
Frame numbers by year
Feature changes
Timeline of changes

3. How-to Guides

Fuel system
Paint Lining
Electrical system

4. Nimbus Parts and Tools

Parts List & identification numbers
Service tools

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In these Technical pages you will find a wealth of information provided by some of the most Nimbus-savvy people on the globe. Here you can find information in English (not Danish!) on mechanical and electrical details, how-to-guides, official Nimbus schematics, hints and tips and more. In short, all the technical information you need to restore, repair or maintain your Nimbus.

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